Goui is a global leader in the smart phone accessories industry, providing high quality products with affordable pricing. Through their slogan, “Powering Life,” Goui is taking action through this project. Their passion in providing energy to the people that need it is unstoppable. Their goal is to positively impact the lives of the people in need. This project aim is to improve 4 things:Education, Safety, Health, Overall quality of life.

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Kerosene is a type of fuel oil used for lighting, heating and cooking. Among these villages, it is common for them to use them.

The problem is, inhaling kerosene fumes might cause some people to become dizzy or nauseated. Breathing the fumes long-term could result in neurological or kidney damage, including blood clots that damage the brain, heart or other organs.

Solar power is the answer. It does not release any chemicals and is perfectly safe for those people living in the village.


People under extreme conditions recognize that education is their ticket to success.

Normally kids in such villages walk over 7 km to reach school. Therefore,
coming back in the dark they are not able to go over their homework nor prepare to the next day. With this project, Goui is providing a solution for kids to study at night by providing safe lights.


In any village, they would usually have their own animals. However, the problem is when Hyenas come at night and eat their animals. At some extreme situations, these Hyenas could attack the people of the village. With the safety lights installed, those animals will not come close to the light, as they fear it.

Also, people in the village will be aware of any suspicious attack that might happen and can become more careful about the situation.


Overall quality of life. The solar panels Goui is supplying are warranted for 25 years.

Most homes will have a 30 watts panel. With one day of sunlight, the power storedin those batteries can be enough to light up these homes for over a week.

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